What better time to celebrate being you and being together?

Couples come in such a beautiful variety of forms these days. From mixed races to ages, from business professionals to intimate romantics.

At Focus and Shoot photography we want to take your relationship and create a special array of memories.

Couple photography has come a long way from very posed, static portraits.

Nowadays, the options are endless and Focus and Shoot are here for you to give you the very best couple shoot, without the added stress.

You’ll start with a phone consultation where I am on hand to answer all those questions, however small, before we allocate your booking.

At this stage, please feel free to discuss all your questions or ideas. I want you to feel comfortable and excited about your shoot, so please chat openly about your shoot desires.

The session fee will be £50 for one hour.

You can choose your backdrop from a multitude of colours to suit your theme or occasion.

Again, please do ask if you’re unsure as this is something I’m very experienced at and can offer advice to help your final decisions.

We also have props in the studio if that’s something you’re interested in.

Or feel free to bring in an item that has special or symbolic meaning to you.

We’re also doggy friendly here at focus and shoot if your fur baby wants to be involved!

After your session, I’ll email you all your photographs so that you can choose which ones to purchase.

This can be a lengthy process and understandably not something you want to rush, so please relax at home while you peruse your gallery and don’t hesitate to call at any stage to discuss your choices.

In life, no occasion is too small to celebrate.

Whether it be an engagement or anniversary, handfasting or wedding, being reunited after being apart, or commemorating fifty years of being together.

Each and every single moment together deserves to be documented with love and gratitude so that these memories can live forever beyond your shoot.

Please do get in touch to begin your journey of forever-memories and thank you for choosing Focus and Shoot to be photographic witness to your wonderful relationship.

Pregnancy Couple photo session